Old School New Body Review

Old School New Body Review

Steve and Becky Holman’s “Old School New Body” is a rare, comprehensive fitness training program that only takes an hour and a half every week to do. The program is specifically designed for people who want to decelerate and even reverse the aging process through proper exercise and diet. Although the program is intended for people over the age of 35, it is also great for everyday people of all ages who want to remove years from their appearance as well as look and feel their very best.

Stop Wasting So Much Time And Energy At The Gym!

The Holman’s workout is based on the premise that the long, strenuous workouts and the conventional diet and exercise advice that is shoved in our face by the media is in fact not that great for our bodies after all. These modern methods in actuality, drain the body and flood our bodies with harmful free radicals. In addition, they cause excessive wear and tear and result in acceleration of the aging process, which is completely the opposite of what they are supposed to do.

Old School New Body teaches you what you really need to do to keep your appearance and your body at its best. The Holman’s reveal the secrets of the human dietary and nutrition system and destroy the myths regarding fitness and nutrition. Instead, they concentrate on building muscle mass and reveal how to lose weight effectively, safely and naturally.

It Does Work

The training program is the creation of Steve and Becky Holman, a husband and wife duo. Steve is the editor in chief of ‘Iron Man’ magazine and is very experienced in his field. The Holman’s looks are very deceiving because both happen to be over the age of 50 but yet appear to be much younger. They have both trained and worked with globally recognized anti-aging fitness experts and credit their age defying appearances to the knowledge gained during their experience.

Steve and Becky both used and applied the Old School New Body protocols to their own daily lives and achieved impressive results that they have now decided to share with the rest of the world. They will teach you what to do to achieve results for yourself, while improving your health and your body.


What Is Included?

Old School New Body is available online and as hard copy. It includes FX4, Focus 4 Exercise, the Holman’s patented workout and diet plan combination. The program highlights brief workouts, that utilize “old school” type training methods that the majority of “new age” trainers do not even have any familiarity with. The program is very different to other workouts, as it combines very specific movements that are simple and easy to perform.

About The Plan

The program includes a complete set of 4 cardiovascular exercises that take less time than any traditional workout. The program includes one overall plan that is divided into 3 progressive phases that are dependent on fitness levels and fitness goals.

Phase 1 is called “F4X Lean” and concentrates on exercise and diet plans with the ultimate goal of weight loss. Phase 2 is called “F4X Shape” and is optional. It concentrates on shaping and sculpting the body by adjusting lifting methods and through diet with the ultimate goal of building lean muscle mass and raising fitness levels. Phase 3 is called “F4X Build” and is also optional. It concentrates on exercise and diet with the ultimate goal of building power muscles in the places they are needed most.

The overall plan aims to develop and increase bulk as well as adding muscle mass.

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